World Champion Barista and Coffee Consulting

Pete Licata

2013 World Barista Champion, Pete Licata

World Barista Champion of 2013.

Teacher, coach, taster, giver of perspective, passionate to learn, honest, friend.

These are all things that I consider myself, and I hope you see them as well.


I have spent over a decade in the barista craft, and I never thought coffee would take me around the world. Coffee is a truly global industry full of talented and forward thinking people. To be a part of it is an honor.

My goal with Pete Licata Coffee Consulting is to have a team of consultants with different focuses and expertise. Currently we are focused on barista training, competition coaching, and flavor analysis. Perspective is an important thing in the coffee industry and our goal is to keep our minds open, approach every client uniquely, and find the value for everyone.

Enjoy my site and blog. I hope to meet you soon!




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